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'Testimonials are always coming in. The most up to date being on Facebook. Freedom Saddlery was voted as one of the final four saddle fitters in the UK for Saddle Fitter of the Year 2021 - a hugely proud achievement.

"As a veterinarian, I am very aware of the impact poorly fitting equipment can have on your horse. I really struggled with my young fast growing ISH mare to find a saddle that allowed me security and didn't restrict her movement or make her sore.jessie is very clear when she is uncomfortable and after many falls and no progress I was almost ready to give up. Jessie's muscle development was poor, she was uneven and we were not progressing in her training.

After more than 12 months of struggling I was introduced to Steph at Freedom Saddlery. Jessie and I have not looked back.

Steph's knowledge is extensive, accurate and up to date and her commitment to her clients is second to none. Despite me being based in Dubai, Steph was always accessible and very prompt to reply to any questions no matter how small. Her follow up service has also been excellent with consistent visits and feedback and a genuine interest in how Jessie and I were progressing.

Steph advised me on the purchase of an Equipe Emporio mono flap dressage saddle. the way Jessie moved was immediately different and she was much more free through her shoulder and much more forward. I was also in much more correct secure position and finally was able to teach Jessie to move forward from my leg. As the pictures attest, Jessie is a different horse. She has developed evenly and she is able to work softly and willingly. the falls and freak outs are a thing of the past and the future is looking bright.

I really can't thank Steph enough and neither can my Jessie Bear.'

Dr Zoe J K Hamilton BVSc, BHSc, MRCVS - March 2014

We took Rex out for the first time in his new saddle yesterday E59 our dreaded test. He got 66% and a second! BIG improvement and great comments about his paces and movement. Once again thank you :) jenny and rex x " Jenny Barnett, Smallwood EC.

"You really have made my day, I was ever so worried about Wiebke again. It was unreal what difference the saddle made! We should have made a demonstration video for your future clients!!! Nobody will believe us. Thank you ever so much" Angie Raith Milton Brook

'What a good experience! With Steph's advice and skills as an independent saddle fitter, the right saddle to suit my horse was recommended. I have purchased a saddle that not only fits my young horse, but also fits me, ensuring we are both working in balance together. The consultation was very thorough and as a McTimoney Practitioner for animals I am delighted to see such care go into saddle fitting to ensure the horsesback musculature and mobility is not compromised in any way"Ellie Harper MSc, BSc(Hons) MAA, BCMA McTimoney Animal Manipulator of Equibalance Ltd

"I am so excited about getting my new Equipe Emporio, although I am in love with yours!! Thank you again for letting me borrow it! Bernie has never felt better, the changes are really good now. He is going really well! :)"Leonie Smith, Daneswood Dressage (Bridgnorth)

‘We have been considering buying a Dressage Saddle for some time, but we needed help to get the right Saddle for our horse, my son( 6ft tall and growing) and myself. Not an easy task, but then we discovered Freedom saddlery and Steph! The whole process was thorough with a personal service, to ensure the saddle fitted our horse and us both as riders. I had a budget and Steph helped me to keep within that, but at the same time ensuring all our needs were met. My 6ft tall son is now progressing with his Dressage through the sport of eventing, the saddle really helps and we are delighted with it!’ Katy Powell-Jones, Chief Instructor, Flint and Denbigh Pony Club

"Thanks for the information and advice......very interesting to hear how it all fits were VERY helpful. New saddle fits great!" Denise Wallis, Penyffordd (11th at BD North West Regional Champs Elementary 2012)

"You were spot on! Osteopath totally agreed with you as well....thanks for activating me" Ali Robertson, Conwy.

"Just to let you know Daisy had a wonderful two days with Joern. She felt the Equipe Emporio saddle made a difference already to Sid's way of going. Once again, many thanks!" Val Allen (Alderley Edge)

"I have just had a new saddle (Frank Baines Omni Dressage) Love it. Fitted by Steph Bradley Freedom Saddlery. I was very impressed with the way Steph took her time with my horse measuring taking photo's and trying different trees. When my saddle arrived Steph came and fitted the saddle making sure it was a perfect fit and after 20 hours of riding Steph came back and made sure everything was still perfect which it was. I would recommend Steph (Freedom Saddlery) to anyone who is wanting a new saddle or worried that their old saddle does not

fit." Janet Jones (Colwyn Bay)

"Thought I'd let you know that I have got the Wintec as you recommended and it fits perfectly. Rode today with a pad to check for pressure points and there were none! So thanks for your help, it was spot on." Sue Johnson, Denbighshire